Give your customers freedom

Let your customers buy their food online but why would you pay commission for that?

Take away or home delivery is a great service for today's busy life. You want to consider this for your customer but this should not penalise you with commissions. Don't pay others for the service you can offer with no hassle. With the protected payment system you get the full amount into your pocket. Customers will come to your website rather going to somewhere else for the food you will prepare to sell. They will find you online. You can even offer them to book a table or valentine's day specials. Your business run as you want . . .

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  • Domain name
  • 6 months free hosting
  • Multiple e-mail accounts
  • Bespoke design
  • Online menu & contact form
  • Promotions updates
  • Online retail & payment
  • Advanced SEO
  • Submission to Google
  • Free technical support
  • Updates for free for one month

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Many restaurants start up their business with a basic website as a part of their online promotion. All of them are happy with the response they have received.