The Company

Menu design and Menu printing service that is effective, beautiful and help you sell more… Menu Lane is a sister concern of Idea Republic Ltd. Menu Lane was born out of profound passion and genuine enjoyment of designing menus of all kinds. Over the years it has grown as a well-known innovative producer of menus and other culinary marketing products for the hospitality industry. The constant strive to produce profit generating products through good design for our customers keeps us on desk for research and experiments till the right and the absolute solution emerges. The team started their journey on the hand of a professional graphic designer. The tech-heads joined the team eventually as the technology became inseparable from creative designs.

What the team do

The team with designers and tech-heads with years of experience in working in corporate sector with qualifications in effective graphic design incorporated with latest technology and digital marketing found out the loop-hole where the culinary business lacks the push. The team came up with the commandments on producing a design with the help of most effective marketing and analytical tools of menu engineering. Till then the team have been working with the customers to produce completely Bespoke Menu Designs. They meet deadline and are always there for their customers when needed. We work for long-term relationship with our clients and consider our success to be dependent upon your business success. We work to make our customers feel proud of their business and of us. Menu Lane helps all new and old and small and medium-sized culinary businesses with effective and working restaurant and takeaway menu design and printing. and online marketing solutions at affordable prices. We ensure that your culinary business turns into a brand through colour, consistent layout along with visual appeal to your customer. We bring out the beauty in simplicity and work close to you to meet your business objectives.

For our customers

We have been working for restaurants, takeaways, cafés, hotels and pubs for over 8 years now. Over the years we have designed and printed tons of restaurant menus. takeaway menus, flyers, business cards, posters, banners, discount cards, adverts for hospitality businesses. We develop your websites with online booking and ordering facilities. We create dynamic websites with E-commerce facility; professionally optimised to get your site found by the popular search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. We can take off the pain of regularly updating your websites for ongoing offers or changes. For greater exposure of your business we can help you to spread the word on social networking sites like Facebook and twitter etc.