Menu Design Service

Your perfect menu is designed to sell more. Don’t settle for mediocre menus that fade into the background.

Enhance your dining experience with a menu designed by Menulane that goes above and beyond the ordinary. We do not simply list products; we bring them to life through innovative design techniques that add tremendous value.

A well-designed menu can captivate customers and increase their perception of the exceptional quality of your food. We specialise in designing menus and brochures that effortlessly entice diners to explore your restaurant’s delectable offerings.

Let us transform your menus into captivating works of art that leave a lasting impression on your clients. Elevate your brand, improve the dining experience, and watch your menus transform into potent selling tools. Contact us to embark on a culinary adventure of superior menu design!

Designing effective menus since 2008

Menu design is one of the core skill areas Menulane is proud of, and it’s continuously developing its skills, keeping an eye on the trends and enhancing its understanding of what makes a menu great for customers and profitable for business owners. 

A menu is your other colleague who sells silently for you. It is also often the first point of contact when people come to dine at your restaurant, cafe or bar. A thoughtfully designed menu is important because it can enhance customer experience and increase your profit through targeted sales.

Quick Fact

Businesses that see design as integral are more than twice as likely as others to see rapid growth.- Design Council report

Do you want a menu designed to work hard for your restaurant?

At Menulane, we design menus, ensuring your brand identity is reflected, and it helps you to sell more. We begin every menu design project from scratch. Strictly, no template is used in our menu design projects. So your menu would be uniquely designed just for your business. We value your menu design brief and love to work with our customers; after all, amazing menu design ideas can also come from you, the brain of the business. We will try our best to make it into reality by designing the menu you cherish.

We add value to your business by designing and redesigning your menu. Depending on the content and your brief, we will give you a quote. We offer reasonable prices.

Restaurant and takeaway menus vary in content and planning. So depending on your brief and requirements, a menu can be designed from 1 day to several days. Please keep in mind that if your menu is complex or you are opting to take our menu engineering service, this can take a little time and is worth it.

Menu design for businesses all over the world

Since our launch in 2008, we are proud to have designed  1000s of menus for businesses worldwide, from Thailand to Switzerland. If you are an international business, we are happy to serve you. Not a problem at all.

We cover restaurants, takeaways, hotels, bars and pubs, cafes and all sorts of hospitality businesses that need a menu.

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How does it work?

1. Email us your brief with as much information as possible regarding the design you want. Please attach any brand guidelines you may have.

2. Please mention what kind of business you are- Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, Pub etc. In addition to this, please let us know if you are interested in any particular theme or design that has inspired you.

3. We will need your menu text in Word format or a text copiable PDF file to test the initial format.

4.  You will get a design quote by email.

5. Menu design work would begin upon approval of the quote. At this stage, we would need your final menu text and any brand logo you may have.

6. We often complete projects within the agreed time. You can request 3 rounds of changes.

7. You will get the final artwork proof by email. You need to approve it. Then, we will send you print-ready, high-resolution artwork. If you wish, you can also take our high-quality printing service.

Designing a successful menu requires great teamwork between the designers and the customer. Please send us as much information as possible regarding your desired menu design. A menu can be very simple to complex. Some menus take 2 hours to design and some 12 hours, depending on your preference. It would also help if you could send your existing menu image or some menus that inspire you so that we can understand your taste better. We have been designing menus for over 14 years and pride ourselves on our menu engineering capabilities that can enhance customer experience and increase your profit.

A4 Pub/Bar Menu Design for Blue Bell Inn
Italian Menu Design
Kebab Menu design
Chinese Menu design
Srilankan Menu design
Indian Menu Design
Tearoom menu design

Request a menu design quote.

We don’t only design a menu by listing the items- we add value by applying creative design techniques. Designed well, a menu can enhance customers’ positive perception of your food and quality.  Let’s make your menus and leaflets trusted, silent sellers.